Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Leave Her Body Unnoticed!!!


Dear Readers,
I hope you all enjoyed my recent blog posts. In my last post titled "The Lost Love The Vermilion", we read a not-so-forever relationship between a woman and the vermilion she is embellished with and ends up at losing her love forever. Today, let's talk about the real toppers of institutions run by life where courage matters more than marks and it's their endeavours that put their names in the hall of fame rather than getting the highest percentages.

Reading some of the blogs yesterday, I came across a name "Mukhtar Mai". How many of you know her? Many of you still don't know her name but that's fine. Take little time from your busy life and read Mukhtar's maddening story to which she made a precious life out of it. Mukhtar was gang raped by 6 men in year 2002. At that time, her 12 year old brother was wrongly accused of having improper relations with a woman from another tribe. When she wanted justice for him, she was gang raped by six men and was left to make an example not to defy the local authorities. But life lived within her. She fought for justice almost a decade and finally succeeded. Like her, there are uncountable names fighting for justice, some succeeded in getting it and the most unfortunate ones who are silenced with unmeasurable anguish within themselves. 

Along with Mukhtar, there are many more names to the list of acid attack survivors mistakenly understood as acid attack victims like Laxmi Agarwal, Lalita Benbansi, Arti Thakur and many more.
What was their fault when they got assaulted? Does questioning wrong have anything to do with physical recidivism along with mental deterioration? Definitely not!!! These ladies did not do injustice to any of the men but her disallowances towards iniquity proved to be a fatal future for them. They were dragged to death after negotiating for equitable and pertinent answers.   

It takes a coward to target a woman's body for their revenge rather than raising their arguments. Hindering a woman's existence will be a great loss to commons. Men need to be focused to many things rather than noticing woman bodies for self-entertainment. You exist because of her. Ruining her identity will leave you with miserable reflections. Her life is precious. Her body is pure and remains to be unnoticed for immoral actions. If you find anyone suffering from physical abuse around you, be polite and civilised to them and encourage them to live a blissful life by losing sight of the scars she got from an unfortunate accident, anyone could suffer from. Treat them fairly among others and make them realise of their priceless status. Encourage them to be the survivors rather than just be the insufferable victims. Set them free from false notions because the negative effects of an abuse disturbs a woman's life no matter how many years have passed. And the most important is to encourage life out of her.

Kaminee V. Singh.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

The Lost Love of The Vermilion!!!


Dear Readers,

I hope you all enjoyed my recent blog posts. Following the queue, let's talk about a beautiful scenario of a girl being beautified with a vermilion for which she gives her own identity, her life too.

Few days back, Diwali passed away quite well for many unlike some unfortunate ones. I learnt a great lesson this festive season that "Life is Variable and we can't make promises to anything."
I visited my home and found disheartening news of deaths every consecutive day and still depressed over those things so decided to tribute this post to them and to write down my thoughts in a simplified way so we can draw conclusions from it instead of grief and disappointment.We got this sorrowful news of this man's demise who used to live in the apartment in front of our building in colony around 11:00 in the morning. He was around 30 years. A good son, an elder brother to two siblings, a responsible husband and a father himself were the different roles occupied by him. Later the news followed that he along with another man (a friend of my father) was mistakenly killed in a road accident when there happened a collision between the two vehicles and they became the target irrespective of any mistake. 

Life left them. He certainly became free from all worldly business in just that minute.  It's still difficult for me to absorb those voices and visions of mourning by the family as I was a young, protective and not so experienced witness to everything happening on the other side of road.  Parents lost their baby whom they had nurtured selflessly. The Vermilion lost it's love.

Death being the most expensive asset will never be purchased by anyone no matter how rich or famous you become. Most of us have seen deaths of our loved ones someday or other and it creates a huge void inside us. But time heals it all. I am truly sorry for this family's loss and pray for the strength through this tough time. As this post concerns, his wife, the shattered lady there, must have felt dejected as her vermilion being embellished for more than a year and half, finally lost it's love and importance. Her biggest treasure was despoiled by not so responsible ones driving on the road. Her love was gone. She would have wanted to tell him how much she loved him. But no, it was over on his part. He took his exit from this world's stage. She would have remembered the priceless time they shared together, his soul, his body, his whiff, his smile, his entire appearance but all in vain now as she lost it all in that one moment. 

Life is short. Think of them who matters you the most, of them you can die for without any regrets, of them you love unconditionally and selflessly, of those moments you can cherish all your life, please run for those people and stuff in your life and donate them a bigger proportion of your love and time to have no regrets further because once they are gone, there is no coming back. Tell your loved ones how much you love them and how blessed your life is with their presence. Always remember: "Once you lose your loved ones to death, you get a portion of God with yourself." With this positive thought, remember your loved ones with a new hope and expectations and give them a recognition for the love they had for you. Be thankful to them for making your life beautiful with the time they had in this world. Be thankful to God for the beautiful parents you are blessed with along with a life to live. So live your life to the fullest, love truly, forget quickly and never regret anything that makes you happy.

Kaminee V. Singh

Monday, 7 November 2016

Welcome the little one!!!

The little one!!!

Dear Readers,
I hope you all liked my second blog entry titled "Man Of The Millennium!!!" about the self-less service and true humanity shown by Mr. Paalam Kalyanasundaram. Following this series, today let's we all welcome a new family member, a "tortoise" from my friend's home. He's a little one with a unique story of victory instead of being slow. Somewhere this little one teaches us to be happy with our own identity and not be depressed for the qualities that we don't have as the tortoise was not as fast as compared to the rabbit in the story heard by many. But what he had was his confidence, determination, altruistic behaviour unlike the rabbit along with his own pace that made him a winner. So, never adjust yourself with the other's qualities and simply love yourself.

Pets have been a great companion to mankind. If you don't own a pet then you can never understand the relationship between these two. With our pets, I guess we are somewhere more truthful and caring. This is mostly a "no demand-no complain" kind of relationship just like you and your parents where you only demand each other's time, love and happiness. You can talk to them about the bad things or bad day you went through or the recent breakup you suffered from and they will listen to you sincerely. You can perhaps scream at them or even scold them but they surely returns to you after sometime with the silly face. They are not mean or judgemental to you irrespective of others. They know your schedule for the whole day. Pets tell you sweet good-byes till the gate arrives when you leave the home for work and gets enthusiastic on seeing you coming back as they know their companions the best. They walk with you for long distances, play, eat, entertain you with the stupid things they do and somewhere they sleep with you too. These beautiful friends in our lives are so close to us that they even know our smells. 

This friend of mine along with his friend's help managed to get a tortoise a few days back. He had many pets in the past too such as rabbits and guinea pigs and currently he owns a strong, not so frustrated and a joyful dog too. We once visited his home and I seriously felt a great bond, a beautiful relationship between him and his dog. Since I'm very much scared of dogs so couldn't be a good friend to him at that time but wish I could have overcome my fear. But looking at their bond and playful activities there, those are still the best moments to cherish. 

The Big Hero of Family

Also few days back, this same friend of mine along with the help of his family helped to heel a wounded little bird (with a broken feather), with bandage around that part and even took her to the hospital for proper treatment. After some time, when she got well by the caring and love he and his family offered to this little guest, earlier found on the boundary as a deadly one, flew to the infinite sky to explore a different world.

But not many think like that, right. Some people have great fun by teasing animals rather than playing with them and even do nonsense things to trouble them especially during the festive season by bursting firecrackers or throwing Holi colours with harmful chemicals on them. Lastly I want to conclude that please love the animals around you and never harm them as they are really important for our environment. If you can't love them then you surely don't have any right to harm them. It's not really necessary and mandatory to adopt the animals but at least treat them with care and love when you find any wounded one fighting for life and never harm them. And if you have any pet with you, then all the best for your lovely time together.

Kaminee V. Singh.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Man Of The Millennium!!!


Hey Friends,
I hope you guys enjoyed my first blog entry about the hidden identity of Mr. 10:10. Following the series, let's ask you a simple question: 
What comes to your mind when you hear a name "Paalam Kalyanasundaram"?

You may assume this person as an ordinary man with no extraordinary story to tell. But here's where you get it wrong. 

Worked as a librarian for long 35 years at Kumarkurupara Arts College at Srivaikuntam, Mr. Kalyanasundaram perhaps doesn't appear to be a special one as we all have seen not so friendly, some frail ones and always screaming for silence trait of librarians around us whether in schools or colleges. But it's his selfless service making him one of the greatest authenticators of mankind and helped him to be recognized as the "Man of The Millennium" instead of making him the millionaires and billionaires of the age. So let's have a glimpse over his inspirational and remarkable journey.

Mr. P. Kalyanasundaram managed to work as a waiter in a restaurant along with his job as a librarian at the same time, not with the greed to earn more but his aim was to provide the world with his little and extravagant share of humanity. Instead of making money out of these two jobs he had, his exclusive deed came by donating all his salary for the betterment of orphans and children's education. He donated all his salary for something precious than anything else, the greatest religion above all and the most powerful character a man can have and that is "HUMANITY", unfortunately ignored by many now a days.
I came across a quote once with the similar meaning as this line, "Go ahead and believe yourself as the most important person of this world". So, according to you guys what should be the duties of world's most important person?

Of course it's a tough one hitting you but think about it for a while. It's good to earn money because it's  your livelihood and also important to fulfil your daily requirements and dreams too. But showing your little support to that "guinea pig" who's still waiting for a bit of love and concern will surely make you more satisfied. Support and help others if they need you, Look for a needy one around you and try to help them with what you have.
Love those who are innocent irrespective of social factors. Hope for the best to others along with yourself. Fear deleterious presumptions before it consumes you and overcome it soon. Faith in the divine in it's purest form instead of artificial spots. These four qualities make you a strong character and help to build up a good human within you. So, think about it and salute to "Man of The Millennium" for being an epitome of mankind.

Kaminee V. Singh.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Do you know "Mr. 10:10"?

Certificate Distribution Day 
Students with their Paper made Chinese Lanterns during Origami Art class
Hey Guys!!! A big hello to all of you out there. Since it is my first blog so it's somewhat difficult to think over that particular thing out of multiple stuff flowing simultaneously into my mind to talk to you. So, having finally decided, instead of talking in this first one, I want to ask you about the identity of Mr. 10:10 as I was completely unaware of these so called "great inventors" having existed around us for so long but unnoticed. Following this I want to tell you a small incident during my first internship with a non-profit organisation named "VOICE4Girls".

It was in June this year when I worked as an intern for this non-government organisation from Hyderabad. It works for marginalised adolescent girls and hopes to bring significant and apparent changes in them. It provides them with education about "being a girl" and various state of affairs related to a girl along with basic English. It was a hot summer afternoon proving every inch of my passion to work as a "COUNSELLOR" to those who live for some gain every minute in their knowledge as they get little chance to interact or at least speak before their elders. Girl's interruptions or even small disappointments with family members proves her to be a stubborn and uncultured child. But here there was no point of judgement for these little girls to express their own thoughts as the whole programme was conducted only for them.

The class was over for that day and we were all talking about things related to each other's lives to get to know other girl's world that was surely different from me and others as well. I was with my 29 kids due to whom I got privilege of being called a teacher, a counsellor or may be a magician especially having a super power to change someone's life, suddenly my one kid named Anjali Soni, very inquisitive one, asked me " Why there's always a time display of 10:10 in every watch or clock we see in advertisements or posters?"

Seriously I have been a studious kid since my childhood as grew up in a home where my father himself is a teacher. So, I read the answer to Anjali's question in my father's school magazine named "Arunodaya" once when he brought the magazine to home after the commencement of a new year. And now this day, my reading saved my reputation before her that luckily I had the answer to this little girl's question. I told her the following two reasons I read in the magazine:
1. When time is 10:10 in a clock, it simply shows a smile as well as victory so it's an affirmative symbol.
2. And also it's simple to display the manufacturer company's name along with watch's brand name.
Hopefully all of you who didn't know the answer knows it now as my kid understood it well.

But she was somewhat disappointed with my answer and asked me if  I was sure. I further gave her the references but then she told me that Mr. 10:10 (or Mr. Ten-Ten) were two brothers with this surname who invented watch so they were honoured with a time display of 10:10 on each and every watch after the world noticed their great work. When I further asked her the references for this answer, she told me that this reason was told by her teacher of English in her school one day which was located in her small village. I was shocked and highly disappointed with this stupid answer. But told her to forget this false one as there were no such so called "great inventors" and made her to go with the logical answers only.

That day I felt myself really lucky for not having such a false educational base through which the nation's youth is undergoing somewhere. But most importantly, that teacher who didn't even care before telling these illogical stuff to innocent children is the part of the greatest disappointment in this regard. It's fine not to know the answers to every question but to tell wrong things puts you with a  shame inside and outside as well. This incident proved to a little but unsubstantial scenario of education in the country where the teachers themselves don't feel their crucial role responsible for enlightenment of children's future and puts on humiliation to those who truly work for it at the same time.

Dear all the readers reading this out there, please contribute your little time to those who are the building blocks of this "Digital India" during this so called "Women Empowerment" age, by just giving your little time to those who seek for education and talk to them about things and watch out if there are any flaws out of it and provide them with basic and spotless knowledge. Children want your help more than rupee one or two after purchasing a particular product from a luxurious shopping centre. So, basically it's my special urge to all to think and contribute a bit towards the "logical and true" education unlike others who think for their livelihood only even at the cost of a noble object such as education.

With Regards,
Kaminee V. Singh.